It takes passion to design. Its an ongoing process, of many iterations. Its a drive to create beauty. Its a relentless pursuit of ones passions. It is the complete exposure of ones self, naked to the world, vulnerable yet focused on a vision that only you may be able to see. And that exposure and pursuit can be terribly painful, because oftentimes you are wrong, and you make mistakes.


Perfection comes from continuously rethinking your problems. There is no right or wrong. There is only better. Sometimes better is a small step. Sometimes its a big step. Sometimes its the simple decision of which direction to step.

True Artist

The true artist, the true designer is never happy. One can always do better. One can always rethink the problem. One can always use growing wisdom to iterate.

At INDUSTRIAL DREAMS as in our motto, “minds that never sleep”, we are never sleeping. We are always dreaming, thinking, changing, improving.