Industrial Dreams is a 40 year old private firm located in Boston. We are one of the oldest new media internet firms in the world.

We pioneered developed and managed online services in 1976. We pioneered computerized consumer information services, online computer services, 30 years before the INTERNET. We are still working at it. We developed innovative consumer financial products. Our weighted point based credit scoring, pre dated FICO Scoring by 20 years. We pioneered the touch activated computing, now common in smartphones and tablets 20 years before Apple.

Our flat panel computer display signage, wayfinding systems, done in conjunction with early IBM plasma display technology predates large flat panel displays by over a decade and tablets by several decades. Our early multimedia work (12 inch platters),hypertext programming tools, served as building blocks of the internet area. We created one of the first cybercafes. We were active with videotex a predecessor to the INTERNET, in 1983, Bildschirmtext in Germany, Prestel in England, and various offerings in Canada, Japan, France, Switzerland, and elsewhere. And we are still here. In 1988 we designed and built a networked corporate villas as a corporate headquarters.

We have been active in the growth and development of the many technologies that have come to be known as multimedia that underly and are a foundation of the internet. We were defining digital utilities and cloud computing in 1985, with reference to early work done in the electrical utility industy of which our family participated. By the early 1990's we had defined 11 different digital data types, all coming together as digital common denominators and we filed them with the Patent and Trademark Office. We have an unmatched history of experience and knowledge of the industry. That knowledge governs our affairs and decisions and is a foundation of the firm.

Because we are private, we can afford to work at problems free of the constraints and demands of capital that requires quick solutions and rapid growth. Many firms talk of creativity, metaphors like “out of the box”,, relationships and more. For 40 years we were called crazy. Your son should be sued. He doesn't know what he is doing. He is working and investing in the development of an “information highway” or some such thing. You should get a job. Who do you know that has had the fortitude to endure that kind of disparagement for years? We think INDUSTRIAL DREAMS is unlike any firm on the planet. You can judge it for yourself