Industrial Dreams is an ARTISANAL developer. For 40 years, we've been conceiving and developing products and services, which in turn has led to the growth and development of companies that sell those products and services.


There is an ART to developing. It is a craft. It is digging your hands into the clay of ideas and spinning and shaping and modifying something until you have reached your goals. And then going back and doing it some more


The STUDIO is a unique company. We cannot be looked at in a normal way. Creativity and free thinking can take you in many directions, with finished and ongoing works that are limited only by ones imagination. Developing ideas, expressing them thru ones medium of choice is a lonely endeavor fraught with misunderstanding and disapproval by many.

Rising above and ignoring those barriers, the Industrial Dreams STUDIO, has a well established history of foresight and pioneering efforts. But, as to accomplishments, we like to say that, we survived, we have money in the bank and we have no debt.

At Industrial Dreams we create, we design, we invest, and finally we develop.


Industrial Dreams is the intersection of ART, SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY and DREAMS. It can and sometimes does take years of really hard work and struggle for ideas to become a reality. Dreaming is hard work.